The Grotto
Kristin Hersh
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Label: 4AD
Duration: 49:30
Genre: Songwriter, Singer

Kristin Hersh took the occasion of resurrecting her pioneering alternative band Throwing Muses after a seven-year hiatus to simultaneously issue this hauntingly spare new chapter of her solo career. Bringing her music full circle, it's an effort that offers both stark contrast with the Muses' traditions and a continuation of the acoustic flirtations of 1998's Strange Angels. Colored by Hersh's austere, Ry Cooder-like acoustic guitar and the gorgeous, if all-too-occasional violin flourishes of Andrew Bird, Hersh's breathy, evocative vocals waltz along the edge of the abyss, delivering typically angst-ridden concerns with wry poetic license ("That's the way the cookie bounces") and no small amount of dramatic chutzpah. Hersh has also masterfully tamed her potent vocal quirks here, using them to tease one moment and hypnotize the next. Wed to the delicate musical framework offered up by Giant Sand's Gelb and Bird, it's a moody daydream of an album. --Jerry McCulley

Sno Cat3:37
Deep Wilson4:18
Snake Oil3:53
Vanishing Twin3:35
Silver Sun5:32
Vitamins V6:32
Arnica Montana5:36
Milk Street5:56
Original Release: 2003-03-17
Composer: Kristin Hersh
Arranged By: Kristin Hersh
Producer: Kristin Hersh
UPC: 652637230222