Fool Moon
Amon Düül
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Label: Magnum
Duration: 43:27
Genre: Space Rock

One of the most established of all the free expressive improvisational bands in the history of Rock. Fool Moon is an album full of potency and reminds us that this incredible band have lost none of their pioneering spirit. Full of improvisation and experiment they remain as challenging and as influential as they were at their inception. Five tracks. PHLR.

With no information regarding who played the music on this album or even wrote it, I couldn't help but listen to Fool Moon with a clinical ear first time round. This album is hard to categorise, slightly early Floydish in parts only better? Amon Duul 2 only different? Just give this a listen late at night and you should be amazed at just how good this album is, the longer tracks build up slowly but surely, brilliant production and last track 'hymn for the hardcore'lets you know that this is indeed connected to amon duul 2

Who Who6:55
The Tribe7:20
TiK ToK8:06
Hymn For The Hardcore4:15
Feel It
Do Ya Wanna?
Original Release: 1990-01-01
Composer: Dave Anderson, Guy Evans, John Weinzeirl, Robert Calvert
Arranged By: Amon Düül
UPC: 5099882811229