Last Call (Vancouver Independant Music 1977-1988)
Various Artists

Label: Zulu Records
Duration: 2:30:23
Genre: Punk Rock

Many Canadian music fans would argue that during the punk and new wave eras, Vancouver was the home of the best Canadian bands, and the compilation Last Call provides pretty compelling evidence. Early tracks from the punk school, including the bands D.O.A. and the Subhumans are included, as well as new wave acts like the Modernettes. Disc two leans more towards the "alternative" era, which still featured punk-oriented acts like Nomeansno (who were technically from Victoria, but it's close enough for punk) and Slow, but also included more pop fare in the form of bands like Oversoul Seven. These aren't the only touch points, however, with forays into hardcore, folk, surf, and more. A few things are of particular note on this compilation: first, the inclusion of an early track by 54.40, who would go on to become one of Canada's most enduring pop acts. Secondly, a mini-Art Bergmann overview, featuring his early work with the bands Young Canadians (who do the classic "Hawaii"), Los Popularos, and Poisoned, who went on to be his backup band when he started performing under his own name. There are also a number of performers here who would go on to other things: David Wisdom of U-J3RK5 would later become a late-night host on the CBC, and Bob Rock, who produced many of these early punk classics later became a big-name heavy metal producer for acts like Van Halen and Metallica. Though some of the tracks are more forgettable than others, there are enough lost classics here (Slow being the most notable) to make the album a must-have for anyone who lived through this era, even if you were from Toronto at the time.

Amazon Review
The comprehesive anthology of Vancouver's independent music scene. 48 bands, 48 classic tracks meticulously restored and digitally restored onto 2 CD's. Over 2 1/2 hours of music and a 44 page booklet incuding rare photos and detailed recording information. Included early tracks from DOA, 54-40, Art Bergmann & Slow.

What Do You Want Me To Be2:07
Fucked Up Baby1:38
Disco Sucks1:40
Fuck You2:23
I Wanna Be A Girl2:53
I Don't Love You1:44
Nothing Holding You2:23
I Don't Give A Shit2:11
New Clientele2:04
Real Thing2:33
Science Fiction3:35
Slave To My Dick2:42
Divided By Three3:08
Eisenhower And The Hippies2:31
Off The Deep End2:56
634 Dog2:15
Waiting For The Drugs To Take Hold2:37
Seen A Fight2:33
Shame I Feel3:48
Synchronized Swimming3:50
Mystery Movie1:44
Can't Come Back3:45
Music Is Your Body2:44
Teenage Barnacle3:42
Party Dog3:26
The Crush3:48
Self Pity6:20
Work Song4:49
Just Another Day4:11
Learning to Live5:26
Happy Man2:55
Have Not Been The Same3:21
American Desert2:56
Be Like Us2:03
Bone Of Contention3:38
Evil Town2:56
Dirty 'Ol Town3:44
To Tell The Truth4:35
Talk To The Birds4:00
King Blood5:27
Solitary Man2:30
One And One Is Three3:44
Darker Than This2:37
Original Release: 1991-11-30
Composer: Various Artists
Arranged By: Various Artists
Producer: Grant McDonagh