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Label: Virgin Records
Genre: New Wave Britain Pop Rock Alternative Rock R&B Dance & DJ International More Titles at Least 25% Off

Manufactured in Japan. Printed in Hong Kong.
Limited Numbered Edition (First 1000 pressings)

Although not mentioned on the release,
- track 16 is Your Kisses Are Charity (Blouse And Skirt Mix)
- track 17 is Could Shoulder (Radio Edit) from the EU promo CD single [r2824323]

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
Time (Clock Of The Heart)
I'll Tumble 4 Ya
Church Of The Poison Mind
Karma Chameleon
It's A Miracle
Miss Me Blind
The War Song
The Medal Song
Mistake No. 3
Love Is Love
Move Away
God Thank You Woman
I Just Wanna Be Loved
Your Kisses Are Charity
Cold Shoulder
UPC: 724387371224, 600753921265